Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas and Boxing Day!

Hello hello!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mine like always is going to my aunts house to eat a delicious meal with yummy turkey! I went to pacific mall as well and picked up 2 packs of fake eyelashes. The styles I've chosen are not what I'm used to because the ones I bought are a lot more dramatic. The two packs together were only $17 and plus the nice man gave me a free facial mask :). Hopefully, I will be able to pull it off! (fingers crossed).
For all the Canadians, I hope you guys also had a wonderful boxing day! I first went to Ben Thanh to eat lunch. I went to an outlet center where I bought a skirt and dress from h&m ($15 and $10 respectfully). I also walked around a mall and went to Steve Madden hoping to find a pair of Mary Jane pumps but they didn't have my size!!! :(:( Oh well...My boyfriend and I finally watched Sherlock Holmes 2 together and it was amazing! It was definitely better than the first! are some pictures that i took throughout the day!There aren't any pictures taken from boxing day! sorry!! :(

Don't you just love my sweater and lipstick combination together? :)

CN tower was lit up green and red! CUTE!


Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve!

Hey guys!
So today, is christmas eve!!! Although, my plans today aren't that exciting. My parents are going to a party without me and my sister so it's just going to be me, my sister and my dog celebrating together :(. All well! Me and my mom went out for brunch today at a chinese resturant (yes, i'm talking about dim-sum)! My sister and I decided that we are just going to have a lazy christmas eve at home today and watch some movies and eat dinner at home! I am currently watching flower boy ramyun shop, the kdrama!  Here was what I wore to brunch and some pictures of my eye makeup! :) Can't wait for tmr!

Friday, 23 December 2011

My Girl's Birthday

So today was one of my besties bday and the dress code was semi-formal. We went to the restaurant Earl's in square one mall. It was great to catch up with my old friends who I haven't seen in forever. All in all, it was great to finally relax and have free time now that it is winter break! I haven't been able to wear a lot of makeup lately because I am always at school anyways so I spent a lot of time on my makeup today compared to usual. Here are some pictures of my makeup. I even sported out red lips :). It was EXTREMELY hard to find a red lipstick that suited me...I went through quite a lot of trials -_-. AND I FINALLY FOUND ONE! I realized that brown reds suit me better than orangy reds or just bright reds in general. And es, I know...very random and awkward poses in my pictures..LOL! deal with it.

xoxo birthday girl!

Got ready a little too early and had to wait for everyone to finish :(

I really like the colour of my lips here!
Eye makeup look!

Red lips! Maybelline in Plum Perfect!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Two Year Anniversary and Reunion with Boyfriend

So it has been couple of months since I have last seen my boyfriend because of me being a nerd with university haha! But I decided to visit him today at his university (Waterloo). We went to an all you can eat sushi buffet (YUM!) and the mall to do some shopping! My boyfriend bought me....

  • Pink blouse ($20)
  • Polka Dot blouse ($25)
  • A black winter hat (with a BIG pompom!)($12.95)
  • Pink corduroy blazer($20)
  • White wooly sweater($15)
  • Nude pumps($20)
We then went back to his place to watch Thor and Mr. Popper's penguins. AND I REALLY WANT A PET PENGUIN NOW... :( But enough of my are some pictures from today. I wanted to really take a picture beside a huge Christmas tree in the mall but they didn't have one so I had to settle for a wizard. LOL. Oh ya, and this is my 3rd try trying to get the Revlon lip butters and they still don't have it. -_-
We eat quite messily...We're BEASTS when it comes to sushi!
Boyfriend wanted to take a picture of me while eating...not so pretty...

I'm still disappointment there was no big xmas tree :(