Monday, 2 January 2012

New Years Resolution

My goals this year:
-Drink more water (to get to 8 glasses each day)
-Eat more fruits/vegetables
-Exercise regularly
-Sleep for at least 8 hours a day
-Being a better and nicer person in general

:) Let's see how quickly I give up on my resolution this year... LOL JKJK :P

Since I have no pictures this time, here is a picture of my dog. He's a chihuahua and his name is Romeo! :)


How was everyone's new years? On new years eve, I went to downtown Toronto for korean bbq and of course for the countdown at city hall! Many Canadian artists were performing but unfortunately I couldn't see anything since I arrived late and had to stand at the far back :(. We also went to marble slab (YUM!) and I got the cheesecake ice cream with strawberries in it. *drools*. It's funny because I don't think I ever witnessed so many fights and people drinking and smoking on the streets openly (nor do I ever want to ever again...). The day after I went to chinatown and then watched The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. My thoughts on it? I thought it was pretty good, just there was a lot of unnecessary and disturbing scenes in it (its rated R for a reason). LOL. I picked up a really cute bracelet, some asian snacks and a MAC duo in feature 5 (the pink and brownish green duo). We also ate pho for dinner btw! haha, no pho is better than chinatown pho! I hope everyone had an amazing new years!! 2012 bring it.
New Year's Eve look!

My new years eve makeup! Believe it or not, I never wore this much eye makeup before. And I was quite scared of my final appearance LOL! It definitely took quite a while until I got used to it. PS ignore the pimples on my forehead and the very visible white eyelash was still drying.

Delicious cheesecake icecream with strawberries!